Personal project by Katarzyna Szczęsna

The project entitled "Geef me een klap papa" (English: "Spank me daddy") seeks to present a thought-provoking exploration of the societal irony surrounding the constant celebration of heterosexuality. Within this cultural context, we have learned to eroticize and glorify male dominance, thereby perpetuating misunderstandings between genders. However, over time, an awareness of change begins to crack through the surface, widening the gaps and liberating us from a state of suspension. As we embrace this awareness, we develop heightened sensitivity and empathy, striving towards a utopian vision. Anchoring the title and the overarching story is a quote by Gloria Steinem: "What has been eroticized by dominant male systems of all kinds is dominance and passivity; we must eroticize equality."

The project takes its initial form through a series of collages, a technique that naturally combines different worlds and perspectives. Through intuitive documentation, these collages capture the uniqueness of an individual's inner world, intertwined with a genuine curiosity to understand the other side and recognize its collective spirit and universal value. The dynamic interaction between appropriated images, culturally significant symbols, and manual actions within the works evokes a strong sense of visual, philosophical, and cultural déjà vu—a shared thread connecting us all, regardless of gender.