What’s in the Box

Creative direction: Katarzyna Szczęsna
Art direction & design: Marina Veziko
Photographer: Aleksi Tikkala
Copywriter: Phil Forbes
Animation: Otso Reitala

Campaign for Packhelp based on typographic maze showcasting the reality of small business owners. In an ideal world, all plans would see the light of day, and we'd have all the help we need to reach our goals. In reality, there's rarely a quick fix. For business owners everywhere, these words ring very close to home. Packhelp acknowledges the struggle that small business owners experience and wanted to celebrate the different aspects of the entrepreneur lifestyle. The project aimed to inspire authentic storytelling through packaging. The final design – a typographic pattern – showcases an endless box maze composed of the range of emotions and thoughts that entrepreneurs experience daily. Despite the emotional rollercoaster, the underlying message is "Think big and back yourself – you got this”.